Identification Challenge #9

This challenge will be more like one of Ted MacRae’s Super Crop Challenges.

January 18, 2011 | Gandoca-Manzanillo NWR, Limon Province, Costa Rica

Can you figure out what this might be? Can anyone explain the relationship between what’s shown here and its name? You should be able to get to family here.

I’ll hold all comments in moderation for a while this time.

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14 Responses to Identification Challenge #9

  1. Gestalt suggests velvetworm (Onychophora), and those look like claws at the tip of each appendage (the name means “claw bearer”), so that’s what I’m going with. Of the two extant families, Peripatidae is the only one present in Central America. Definitely something in the genus Xxxxperipatus 🙂

    And if that truly is an onychophoran, I’m jealous as heck!

  2. It is an Onychophoran (a velvet worms). A Costa Rican location makes it of the Family: Peripatidae. Onychophora means “claw bearers” from “onyches” for claws, and “pherein” for “to bear.” Peripatus is derived from “peripatetic”, which means “wandering”. This refers to the characteristic flowing movement of the organism when moving & is caused by the alteration of fluid pressure in the limbs as they extend and contract along the body.

  3. biozcw says:

    Peripatidae, a kind of velvet worm?

  4. Patrick Coin says:

    OK, my record on these has not been great recently, but I’d say this has to be a Onychophoran = Greek “onycho” claw, or nail, plus “phora” bearer (Borror, Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms–recommended by you on BugGuide, and one of my most-consulted references). I see the little claws here on the (?) prolegs. Looking at the informative Wikipedia article, I guess this would be a member of the Peripatidae.

  5. Zi-Wei YIN says:

    A wild guess: It’s a Peripatidae ^_^

  6. Zi-Wei YIN says:

    by the way, the Peripatidae is believed to be the link between Annelida and Arthropoda

    hope it’s a true Peripatidae~

  7. An easy one…a velvet worm.

    • Troy Bartlett says:

      Easy for you maybe! I’m happy everyone here figured it out, but I’m sure some readers were clueless. Have you found many in your travels?

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