Crypsis Challenge #9

The last crypsis challenge was surprisingly difficult, but I think this one might be easier.

January 18, 2011 | Gandoca-Manzanillo NWR, Limon Province, Costa Rica

What has hidden itself here, just where an unsuspecting tourist might place their hand? A general description is fine, although I suspect someone will know exactly what this is.

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12 Responses to Crypsis Challenge #9

  1. Elliott says:

    Is it a snake in the middle of the tree trunk?

  2. Joshua Basham says:

    Has to be the snake!

  3. Oh, man – is that a Bothrops?

  4. Andrea J says:

    Kinda hard to tell, but based on the slender build, stripes and bug-eyed head, I’m guessing Immantodes?

  5. Troy Bartlett says:

    This challenge must indeed be easier. Everyone is seeing the snake.

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