I’ll be adding books here that I reference in my posts and find useful.

Clicking on the book image or title will take you to the page for that book. Buying the book after clicking through from here helps support this site.

Spiders (Collins Gem)
by Paul Hillyard
Amazon Insects:
A Photo Guide

by James L. Castner
500 Insects:
A Visual Reference

by Stephen A. Marshall
Spiders and Their Kin
by Herbert W. Levi and Lorna R. Levi
Encyclopedia of Insects
by Vincent H. Resh and Ring T. Carde
Diptera of Costa Rica and the New World tropics
by Manuel A. Zumbado and Fernando Zeledón
The Compleat Cockroach
by David George Gordon
by Jan Beccaloni
100 Caterpillars
by Jeffrey C. Miller, Daniel H. Janzen and Winifred Hallwachs
Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Crickets of the United States
by John L. Capinera, Ralph D. Scott, and Thomas J. Walker
Ants of North America:
A Guide to the Genera

by Brian L. Fisher and Stefan P. Cover