Crypsis Challenge #13 Reveal: Jumping Stick

82mm | July 9, 2011 | Tupaciguara, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Were you able to find the critter in the photo above? It’s in the lower right corner. Some of you may recognize this as another stick grasshopper in the family Proscopiidae, previously featured in Crypsis Challenge #3. They are so cryptic that I couldn’t resist doing another challenge with this one. Here’s an outline of the grasshopper if you’re still not seeing it.

Grasshopper revealed

Check out how closely the color and texture of the insect matches that of the surrounding vegetation.

Can you distinguish animal from plant here?

Here’s another image where it’s blending in fairly well.

Another cryptic scene

And here, I intentionally placed it on a nearby rock so its features would stand out.

Jumping stick, looking more like the grasshopper it is

They have such interesting faces that I couldn’t resist a profile shot. It actually looks a bit sinister here.

Profile shot

Most of those that commented found the critter. A few even guessed the identity correctly, but even the incorrect guesses were plausible. Good job, everyone.

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  1. Comment1 says:

    Lord! That last picture is abominable.

  2. Great shots! I think the last picture is especially awesome! 🙂

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