Crypsis Challenge #1 Reveal

July 2, 2010 | Twelvestones, Roswell, GA, USA

Did you spot the hidden critter from this earlier post? No one commented, but I’ll go ahead and reveal the answer.

There’s a hint about two thirds of the way down on the left hand side. That’s a lacewing egg on a thread. And just to the right of that is the creature itself, a trash carrying lacewing larva. I circled the two in red below.


Still having trouble seeing it? Try this side view.

Side View

Of course, all you can really see is the debris. To see the actual critter, you have to turn it over, as I did here.


What I’d like to know is how it manages to pile all that stuff on without any long appendages.

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  1. That’s about as cryptic as it gets. I studied that photo inside out and couldn’t find it.

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